Fairy Magic Video Slot

There are people who find their free time quite boring and do not have any ideas how to spend it and have some fun. There are a lot of things one can engage in during that free idle time and it doesn’t necessarily have to be something negative. On the contrary, there are various positive things one can engage in and some of them include fun games.

For those who are not fans of going to the play fields to engage in sporting activities as a way of passing time and having fun, the casinos have a lot to offer to them. These casinos come with all sorts of fun games that you won’t miss something that will definitely amuse you; you won’t even notice the time pass. The casinos have even stepped up their game and it is possible to even get the games on your mobile gadget.

Fairy Magic Video Slot game is a new casino game that features magic fairies, mushrooms, squirrels, elves, flowers and unicorns. This slot game was launched at the Omni Casino back in February 2010 and it has already gained a lot of popularity among casino game players. Even though United States players don’t have the authority to play this game, every other person out there can play and have some fin and make some money in the process.

In this slot game, the symbol of the unicorn appears on all the reels and acts as a substitute for the rest of the symbols. It however does not substitute the bonus and scatter symbols. As for the magic fairy, you will earn yourself stars under every single reel it appears making it a very unique symbol. By collecting a total of four stars on any one reel, your initial bet is multiplied by four and you also get to spin five times free of charge. This way, you end up doubling your winnings.

In the Fairy Magic slot game, you stand to make an extra amount of $1,500 since it has a gambling feature as well. This happens when cards get stacked to your favor. The machine for Fairy Magic normally has 15 pay lines and 5 reels with the top most prize at the base of this game being 10,000 coins. It is possible to wager 10 coins with each pay like making the game quite interesting and fun. At the Omni Casino, you will get this amazing slot machine together with a bunch of other wonderful slots making it definitely worth checking out.

If you have been wondering what to do with your free time, well now you know that you can have lots of fun with Fairy Magic Video Slot game. Apart from having fun and unwinding, you will end up making lots of real money and learn new exciting games as well. There is no longer an excuse as to why you should spend your time bored along in the house with absolutely nothing to do when there so much out there for you.