Super Thundering 888 Jackpot Slot

Super Thundering 888 Jackpot Slot is a three reel, single pay line slot game. In this game, the players’ winning is formed by the spins of the reels and one pay line. This game is a progressive jackpot game. The amount a person can place starts form twenty five cents to seventy five cents. The second highest pay out can be ten thousand credits. This game is only available to registered members and for people who are not willing to shed a lot of money however get a good amount of winnings the winnings are based on the highest combinations.

This game has no wild symbol or scatter symbols and there is no bonus round and no free spins. Every time the player puts a coin it will only brighten his chances to get a higher pay line. When the spinning stops, the computer will automatically check every symbol that appears on the pay line.

Super thundering 888 jackpot slot machines could be played free or if the player wants he can even play for real money, the player can place the bet between twenty five cents to seventy five cents. The player can wager up to three pints. This game is a progressive jacklight game which is activated if the player gets three coins. The player winnings will be giving if the player gets a very high combination.

Apart from this all other winnings are given in coins. There is only one coin which is a twenty five cents coin which can be available.

In this game the progressive jackpot keeps on storing the points and then it is displayed in the game. In order to qualify for the main jackpot which is a global jackpot, for every spin the player’s play, the amount that needs to be put should be no more than three coins. If the player is in the race for the progressive jackpot and if he gets three symbols which represents the super thundering eight, the player has won the progressive jackpot.

The rules of the game are simple, if the player wants to go to slot arena, he simply needs to click on casino lobby symbol and select the slot symbol. Once he enters the arena, the player also has access to additional games if he selects the more slots option. The player also has the option to keep a control of his balance as he would be playing directly from his general casino account by selecting the set balance option.

The symbols of this game are the super thundering eight, the thundering eight, the red eight, the symbol where the word bar appears three times, the symbol where the word bar appears two times and the symbol where the word bar appears just once.

If the player gets three super thundering eight symbols he can win ten thousand or the jackpot. With three thundering eight symbols it is five hundred and a thousand. And it goes on. With so much more options, who would not want to play the thundering 888 jackpot slot.